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From Douglas Lovette, bixnow.biz

Electric Vehicle Tire Market ios Likely to Expand From 2019 to 2024

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- "The report illustrates a thorough overview of the current state of Electric Vehicle Tires Market with details like, functioning and designing, process involved in its manufacturing, availability in the market and its potential on the import, export and global sales of this popular product." 

From Bradley Berman, Insideevs:

Pirelli Showcases Performance Tires Built for Electric Cars

 "In Geneva, we spoke with Pirelli’s head of strategic marketing, Matteo Battaini, who pointed to the “J” on the side markings on a P Zero tires at the company’s stand. That “J” stands for Jaguar – because the EV-specific tire is used on the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace. The “Elect” marking (see above) is for electric. 

There are three main ways that EV tires differ from conventional versions. Acknowledging the added weight from battery packs, Battaini said, “There is harder material on the sidewalls allowing to the tires to support more weight.” He also explained that EV tires use softer compounds due to higher torque.

Battaini said that a well-designed EV tire can extend driving range by as much as five to 10 percent."  see full insideevs article here

From Bruce Meyer , Rubbernews.com "The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Tires to YR2028," a paper presented by Bruce Lambillotte, vice president of technical consulting, during the recent Tire Technology Expo 2019 in Hanover. 

"Normally we think of OE tires as needing rolling resistance to meet regulated demands, such as CAFE standards in the U.S. or in Europe for tire labeling, especially in the replacement market," he said. "For here we're talking for a different reason: First and foremost for range." 

Battery EVs can experience what has been described as rapid or instantaneous torque, a condition that will require that tires be able to sustain its performance with improved dry and wet traction capabilities, according to Lambillotte. "It's something that requires refinement from both tire engineering and tire compounding in the tread areas."