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 What is the recurring high margin item electric vehicle owners must purchase over the life of their EV.  Is it gasoline?...with no combustion engine...NO! Is it oil changes? again, the engine thing...NO!. What is it?... Electric Vehicle T I R E S!Tires will wear. EV Tires will continue to need to be changed and with a desire to get optimum efficiency out of every charge they will need to be changed sooner than most vehicles. Electric vehicle tires are no longer a concept. EV tires are here today and are becoming an auto industry standard item on electric and hybrid electric vehicles. This domain would be the first choice for an EV electric vehicle tire distributor or manufacturer.

Why an EV Tire?

"Electric Vehicles demand more of everything tires. They lack the roar of an engine to drown out the brain-numbing drone of rubber on asphalt, so quiet matters. Range is crucial, so the tires must play their part in pulling every mile from every watt. The torquey performance demands rubber stout enough to keep up. And electrics are expensive enough without worrying about buying them new shoes every few thousand miles. 

A sticky tire will grip better and thus better handle the instant torque of an electric motor, but will sap the car’s electric range due to high rolling resistance.  As electric cars place range at a premium, grip must be achieved without sacrificing too many miles.  Likewise, a tire that is durable enough to handle the instant torque will likely be a loud tire.  Without the noise of an internal combustion engine, wind and tire noise become more noticeable. " Wired

Tire Manufacturers

 As Electric vehicle sales increase competition between tire manufacturers to provide the best “EV tire” will continue to offer electric cars improved efficiency, better performance, and possibly even more range.  These improvements with other advancments in EV technology pushing electric cars further into the mainstream. 

The Tesla Model S wears a bespoke variation of Michelin’s Pilot Sport 2 tires, which are ultra-high performance tires designed for higher-torque sports cars. 


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