About EVtires.com...electric vehicle tires


Welcome to EVtires.com, your portal for information and options to buy Electric Vehicle tires. Electric Vehicles have been around since the late 1800's. A resurgence of interest and technological breakthroughs began in the early 2000's and in 2008  we saw a turning point in the evolution and most importantly the adoption of Electric Vehicles. We felt as though the EV revolution was finally on its way and  secured this domain among others. Its 2018 and we feel the time is right to begin building out this site and will do an official launch later this year. EVtires.com is your hub for finding the best currently available tires for your Electric Vehicle.  

Now that tire manufacturers have gone beyond the research phase and will actually be producing tires for Electric Vehicles, we look forward to providing you the latest EV tire information and best Electric Vehicle tires purchase options. Much more to come.

EVtires.com is part of a larger family of EV related sites and businesses including EVtones.com, EVfastcharge.com EVkwikcharge.com among others.