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Welcome to EVtires.com, your hub for information and purchase options for your electric vehicles tires. Electric Vehicles have been around since the late 1800's. A resurgence of interest and technological breakthroughs began in the mid 2000's and we saw a turning point in the evolution and most importantly the adoption of Electric Vehicles. We felt as though the EV revolution was finally on its way and secured this domain among others.

In 2018 we felt the time was right to begin building out this site. Now in 2020 we are proud to announce our acceptance to the Tire Rack affiliate program. We feel this is the best way to provide quality EV tire information while providing a quick, convenient process to purchase and explore more information on Electric Vehicle tires.


Founder Robert McDowell was a third generation major US oil company employee. After 9/11 and the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom he founded a non-profit that supported children of fallen US troops. Working with families of the fallen created an intense desire to help wean the US off Middle East oil and fueled McDowell to launch EVtires.com as well as other EV related internet companies. McDowell also co-produced a CD featuring children of fallen troops. The CD made #8 on billboard charts and was featured on The NBC Today Show and numerous other media outlets. McDowell has met with the POTUS in the White House and two Secretaries of Defense at the Pentagon on behalf of the children. He has also met numerous Hollywood celebs and Sports stars across the USA in support of the kids of US KIA, (ie. Gary Sinise, Tom Brady, Will Smith). Children of fallen troops are an integral part of this company. A portion of EVtires™ sales will go to support children of fallen troops, (GarySiniseFoundation's - Snowballexpress.org).  

Co-owner Brandon McDowell is a professional Motorsports Driver competing in Formula Drift, the world's premier professional Drifting series. In his debut year McDowell competes with drivers from all around the globe in the PRO2 division. The USA, Japan, Ireland, individual countries across Europe and others are represented in Formula Drift. In addition to competing in Formula Drift McDowell has spent five years as a Spotter/Strategist for professional drift teams in the Formula Drift Series including Dean Kearney and two time formula drift champion, Ireland’s James Dean.

Thorough knowledge of everything tires is essential to the success of a competitive drift driver. Selecting the right tires for both front and rear are critical to their success and Drift professionals can go through over a dozen sets of tires in a weekend event. As a competitive driver with over 10 years in Drifting McDowell has run through hundreds of sets of tires. Through extensive research and years of experience Brandon has become an expert in tire technology and selection and his expertise is invaluable in our quest to find you the best tire for your electric vehicle.

We have been following the development of EV specific tires for a decade and are researching which currently available tires are best suited for electric vehicles. We also take into account consumers differing driving demands and performance preferences. We will help you zero in on the right tires for your zero emissions vehicle. 

Now that tire manufacturers have gone beyond the research phase and will actually be producing tires for Electric Vehicles, we look forward to providing you the latest EV tire information and best Electric Vehicle tires purchase options today as well as the future. Much more to come.

EVtires.com is part of a larger family of EV related sites and businesses including EVtones.com, EVfastcharge.com EVkwikcharge.com among others.